Web sites of official organizations:
www.noronha.pe.gov.br: Official site of the Pernambuco government.
www.noronha.pe.gov.br/downloads/perfil-turista.pdf: PDF-File for Tourist-Profile (Acrobat-Reader necessary).
www.ibama.gov.br: Site of the brasilian office of conservation of nature IBAMA.
www.tamar.org.br: Site of the organization of environmental preservation Projeto Tamar" for saving the sea-turtles.
www.golfinhorotador.org.br: Site of the "Projeto Golfinhos de Rotador" Fernando de Noronha.
http://whc.unesco.org/archive/repcom01.htm#1000rev: Unesco-Site with resons for the declaration Noronhas election for world nature monument.

German Sites:
http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fernando_de_Noronha: Wikipedia
www.advokatur-mediation-bern.ch/textseiten/Fernando%20de%20Noronha.pdf: PDF-traveling experience "Die Insel der Delphine" out of "Der Bund".
www.delphin-institut.de/hauptteil_brasil: Contribution on Spinner-Delphinen.
www.brasilien.de/land/staaten/pernambuco: Contribution of brasilien.de on Noronha.
brasil-web.de: All about the "rest" of Brazil with nice forum.
www.brasilmen.de: Specialist for the Northeast. For those who'd like to see more of Brazil.

Advertising Sites:
www.noronha.com.br:Noronha Online. By banner ads financed Site by Atlantico Sul Empreendimentos Ltda

Contact: info@fernando-de-noronha.info or by phone (0055) 81 3619 1829