How to get here ?

The grateful and unforgettable, but not the cheapest and fastest way to get to us finished in March 2011 when the mast of my ALLWAYS had been broken.
ALLWAYS is a 40 feet Beneteau Oceanis Sailing vessel, I bought in January 2010 from the owner Chuck Norris in Tortola/British Virgin Islands and sailed 3500 nautical miles against wind and currency down to Brazil.

!!! CAUTION !!! At 2.1.2011 from Noronha to Natal and middle of January from Recife, Joao Pessoa or Natal to Noronha vacancy!!!! CAUTION !!!

If you are not the owner of a private jet, a yacht, a sailing boat, hot-air balloon, submarine or other extravagant toys, you have to rely on the conservative method of a scheduled flight.

I discourage taking alternatives like supply ships.

Currently there are two air lines going to Noronha: Gol/Varig and Trip/Azul.
As mentioned before, prices are extraordinarily expensive for Brazil. Depending on the season you have to count actually (Nov. 2012) with about 450 Euro each person

Take care! I several times heard about problems with online booking directly at the airlines. First they are asking for a CPF (Cadastro de pesoa fisica Ė a Brazilian registration number), second you will need a Brazilian bank account, they donít accept foreign credit cards. If you want to avoid paying the expensive travel agency, which charge you over the price and donít want to run the risk to book in Brazil personally I can book for you at a charge of 10% of the ticket price. Send me an E-Mail and I look for the price and vacancy.

Gol/Varig flies with a Boeing 737 from Recife to Noronha. The plane has 120 seats and often there are no vacancies, especially to the high season. As the plane recently flies Rio-Recife-Noronha and back you'll have to anticipate delays (happens regularly). This is especially important for the return flight, that is scheduled to 4:10 pm (the last time I flew it left at 6 pm), when you need to catch connecting flights. It usually takes 55 minutes

Trip flies with an ATR 72 Turboprob from Natal and a Embraer 190 from Recife to Noronha. I guess 72 means the number of seats. The traveling time is usually 1 hour 25 minutes to Recife and 1 hour 10 minutes to Natal

Please take into account that Noronha has its own time zone. In Noronha it is one hour later than in Recife or Natal

For the proud owners of a private yacht, please pay attention to the fact that Noronha asks for a anchorage. It depends on the LOA (length over all), was increased at 1. of January 2012 to 43,20 R$ up to 5 meters, 64,62 R$ up to 10 m and above that 172,31 R$ per day. This is in addition to the TPA and pretty expensive considering that you're just allowed to anchor without getting water or electricity. Unfortunately there are less and less sailer since this fee raised. Once, Noronha was a popular stop for those crossing the Atlantic, as the trip between the Cabo Verde islands and Noronha is the shortest way across.

Fans of sailing or sailors themselves should be interested in an event that takes place every year in September. The Regatta Recife - Fernando de Noronha, that is hosted by the Cabanga-Yacht Club, attracts a lot of sailing boats to the islands. Some owners are willing to take paying guests with them.