Who we are ?
The Kunzes !

Juergen Kunze,German, born 1964, mechanical engineer.
During the summertime I work in Germany as an expert for motor vehicles. The wintermonths I spend in Brazil, mainly in Noronha. In the 80ies I started traveling - first along south-eastern Asia as far as Papua Neuguinea. Later, I spent the better part of the winter months at the Philippine islands, however visiting also some other countries, mainly in south-eastern Asia, Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America. In 1989 I put my first step on Brazilian ground (visiting the carnival in Rio de Janeiro). I fell in love with the country and its people, and slowly started to substitute Asia with Brazil as my preferred holiday option. In the late 90ies, destiny made me visit Noronha. Immediately I was in love with the island and a few days later with one of its women, Beré, who I married in 2001. Since that time I own the Brazilian "Permanencia" (permit of residence) and a "Carteira de Morador" for Fernando de Noronha (making me the only German inhabitant). My Hobbies: traveling and sailing ... and traveling by my sailing boat --- above all my son Max and my taughter Alyna.
Berenice Rodruigues dos Santos Kunze, Brasilian, born 1977, allrounder.
I'm known as Beré (spoken 'Beree'). I was born in Fernando de Noronha. When I was 3, my father, who was working for the army, was transfered to Humaitá in the middle of the amazonas region. I had a beautiful childhood in the nature and when I was 8 my father was transfered again, this time to Brasilia. I spend my adolescence there and when I was 17 years old, by daughter Gabriela was born. Then, three years later, I came back to Noronha. I was working in the kindergarden 'Bem me quer' as a teacher until I met my husband in 1999. In 2001 we got married in Denmark. During (European) summertime we live in Munich where I participated in several German language courses. During (European) wintertime we are living in Noronha, where our son Maxi was made in 2003 in a little cave by the sea.
Currently we are planning to build a house for us with a restaurant next to it, in my piece of land on the island. I hope that will allow us to stay in Noronha all year round in the future. My hobbies: children, especially my son Maxi and my daughter Gabriela and swimming, especially with our dolphins.
Gabriela Lorri dos Santos, Brasilian, born 1983, schoolgirl.
I was born in Brasilia and came to Noronha, when I was three years old. I went to the kindergarden 'Bem me quer' and now I visit the island's school 'Escola de Arquipelago'.
I've been to Germany once, during my school holidays in December and January 2003, shortly after my little brother was born. I liked it there, especially the skiing. I'd like to go once more, but when I have long holidays, my father in law is in Brazil.
At home, I help my mom a lot with the housework. Afterwards I enjoy going to the beach to play with my little brother, or for swimming or surfing. In February the international surf championships take place at the Casimba do Padre and I'm already looking forward to that. The whole island is crowded with surfers and there's a lot of things going on. I want to be a model, however, that would mean leaving Noronha.
My hobbies are surfing (like all teenagers here), music, dancing and capoeira.
Maximilian dos Santos Kunze, German-Brasilian, born 2003, surfer.
I was made in that cave. On the right side in the photograph - that's Mimi - my granny - and on the left is my mom. In my mom's belly I flew to Munich, where I was born in the women's hospital, Maistrasse. I liked Germany, especially the mountains in wintertime. Later I came to Noronha - that was cool. Because I liked it so much, my dad told his boss that he prefers going barefooted to the beach with me than driving to work in a Mercedes and that he cannot work so much because I'm to be raised in Noronha. We sold the new apartment my dad had bought just before I had been born. Even though I really liked my room with all the bears at the wall and the floor, but the beach and my surfboard are even better. I allready won a trophy at the surf contest. Sometimes I fly or sail with my dad to Recife and my holydays I spend in Geramny. That's nice, as well. My dad says, when I'm older I'm going to be a pirate ... or I'm going to be a skiing professional. I did skiing already - in summer at a glacier in Austria. Maybe we'll start a Brazilian skiing team and join the Olympic winter games. My hobbies are playing, especially in the sea, dipping , surfing, sailing, horseback riding, capoeira, football and Hip Hop.
Alyna dos Santos Kunze, born 2013.
I was made in München and born in Recife. I already go to kindergarden where they call me Sympatia da Ilha. When Dad has to work, we travel to Germany, there I se my other Grandma and Grandpa. My hobbies are playing, nerving my mom, takink a bath in the sea and walking or driving around.